Functions and Duties

The State Water Authority shall have the functions and duties to:

  1. Manage the production and distribution of water, and the collection of revenue;
  2. Regulate and control the supply of water;
  3. Ensure efficiency and quality in the supply of water;
  4. Exercise regulatory functions as prescribed under this Enactment and the Regulations made hereunder;
  5. Investigate any accidents involving any part of a water supply system arising out of the operations and maintenance of any water supply system or water supply services;
  6. Require a Water Supply Authority to perform any duty imposed on him by or under this Enactment or any regulations made hereunder;
  7. Prescribe a code of practice for Water Supply Authority;
  8. Prosecute any offence under this Enactment;
  9. Issue licence;
  10. Review the regulations made hereunder and to make recommendations to the Minister; and
  11. Carry on all such other activities as may appear to the State Water Authority necessary and incidental for the purpose of carrying out or in connection with the performance of his functions and duties under this Enactment.

In addition to the functions and duties conferred on the State Water Authority by this Enactment or regulations made hereunder, the State Water Authority shall have the general control and supervision of all Water Supply Authorities in the State.