Director's Foreword


Thank you for visiting the Official Portal of Sabah State Water Department (JANS). Websites are the fastest method of disseminating or sharing information. In this regard, I am very pleased and welcome all internet users who browse the official website of the Sabah State Water Department (JANS). This Website was developed as an efficient communication platform in the current development of information and communication technology today.

The emergence of the era of globalization as well as the boom of information technology and communication has changed the way people work and lifestyle from all aspects. Everything goes very fast and all the information is at your fingertips.

The Sabah State Water Department (JANS) is committed to channelling the latest information related to the services provided as well as various information to the citizens of this department in particular, and the general public generally. Through this official medium, I would like to take this opportunity to call on all our consumers/customers, to jointly assist the Sabah State Water Department (JANS) in addressing the problem of lack water supply by practicing prudent use.

I also hope, all the information shared in this website, can help and answer every question of portal visitors.

Congratulations and well done to everyone involved in the development of this website. To ensure that the department continues to excel and be proactive in channelling the latest information of the department, I hope this website will continue to be enhanced and improved in line with the government’s call for the digitization of public sector services.

Finally, constructive views and comments on improvements from portal visitors are most welcome and we would firstly like to thank you.

“Welcome to the Sabah State Water Department Official Portal”

Thank you.

Tuan Baharuhom bin K.K. Sogon
Director of Sabah State Water Department